So, after seeing my feed or out of pure curiosity, you wondered who I am? My name is Simone Da Ponte, I am 22 years old and am a born and raised Dutchie. I always liked being creative and have always loved fashion, but never dared to express it as I never felt good enough. Then I started my studies at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands. Because I was so busy being a full time student and a full time Student Representative, I completely stopped doing anything creative and continued my love for fashion in silence. Even if I wanted to, I thought I wouldn't have the time and if I did have the time I was afraid I would fail anyway.

Thus, for years I have been too insecure and afraid to do what I like most. A big part of my insecurity was linked to my weight. I was severely overweight and thought that I would not matter nor would anyone like me unless I was skinny. After losing a lot of weight (so far 35kg) I am still not 'skinny', but somehow I stopped caring for being so and most importantly I stopped caring about what others will think of me by starting this blog. 

My weight-loss journey has not only given me a new confidence, it has also given me a new-found love for cooking. On this blog, I hope to bring together all these aspects that inspire me and make me ME. I hope that by sharing my creations and outfits, I can inspire someone else as well to stop being afraid and just do! Thank you for reading all the way through and I wish you all my love and strength for your own journey.

Big Love!

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